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Wild Atlantic Cod Loin

Wild Atlantic Cod Loin
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These wild Atlantic cod portions are the tenderloin cut from the thickest part of the fillet. Their firm flesh makes them perfect to bake in the oven.

Nutritional Facts:


Wild Atlantic Cod loins.

  1. Always thaw fish thoroughly before cooking.
  2. Cook according to the Canadian Rule: measure the fish at its thickest point --its depth, not across-- and cook exactly 10 minutes per inch of thickness.
  • If the fish is 1/2 inch thick, cook 5 minutes.
  • If the fish is 1 inch thick, cook 10 minutes.
  • If the fish is 1-1/2 inch thick, cook 15 minutes, etc.

This is foolproof and will always give you a perfectly cooked fish, flaky and full of flavor.

The Canadian Rule applies to every sort of preparation -- baking, broiling, braising, sautéeing, frying, poaching and barbecuing.

Recipe for this product is coming soon!

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