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Boston Bison Steaks

Boston Bison Steaks
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This special cut is taken from the top sirloin and tastes terrific! Tender and juicy, extremely lean, cook it very slowly for best results.

Nutritional Facts:


100% Free Range Alberta Bison.

∗ REMEMBER: Bison meat cooks faster than beef. Cook on low to medium heat only.

  1. Allow steaks to warm to room temperature before grilling for best results.
  2. Season and prepare steaks to personal liking (BBQ sauce or your favorite marinade works great!).
  3. Cook to the following temperatures: (we recommend that you do not cook past medium).

  • Blue Rare: 100°F (Center is red and cool).
  • Rare: 120°F (Center is red and warm).
  • Medium Rare: 125°F (Center is pink and hot).
  • Medium: 135°F (Center is light pink).

Recipe for this product is coming soon!

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