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Natural xxLean AAA Ground Beef

Natural xxLean AAA Ground Beef
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Once you've had our xxlean Angus ground beef, there is no going back to any other kind! Makes a great Bolognese sauce!

Gourmet Secrets Angus beef is renowned for its exceptional flavor and tenderness. With its even marbling, it is highly sought after by some of the world's top restaurants. Now, Stoney Hill Farm takes our Angus beef to the next level: it is grass fed with a light grain finish. Research shows that pasture fed beef has a higher content of beneficial omega-3 and Conjugated Linoleic Acids. Gourmet Secrets Angus beef is also guaranteed to be free of antibiotics, hormones and inorganic feed additives. For you, that means exquisite taste and tenderness. Choosing Gourmet Secrets Angus beef for your family not only provides it with a healthy, great tasting alternative to supermarket beef, but also comes directly from an Alberta beef producer.

So the next time you buy beef, you'll want to choose Gourmet Secrets Angus beef, naturally!

Nutritional Facts:


100% Natural Alberta Angus Beef.

Cook in pan on medium heat just until meat is no longer pink.

Recipe for this product is coming soon!

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